Chocolate Sabayon Pie, Recipe by PT Gandum Mas Kencana

Pie Shell


230 gr     Medium Flour

110 gr     Soft Flour

 ¼ sdt     Baking powder

 ¼ sdt     Salt

225 gr     Butter

  90 gr     Cold Water


1. Heat up oven at 175oC

2. Combine all ingredients except cold water, mix with rub-in method, and then add cold water bit by bit until well combined.

3. Rest dough in chiller for ± 1 jam, roll dough and cast into pie mould

4. Rest for 30 minutes

5. Blind bake for ± 15 minutes

Chocolate Ganache

Ingredients :

300 gr     Colatta Couverture Dark 56%

200 gr     Haan Whiptopp Baking & Cooking (dilute 1:2)


• Heat up Haan Whiptopp BC, pour into chopped

   Colatta Couverture, mix well.

Caramelized Banana

300 gr     Banana (slice)

  25 gr     Sugar

                Butter, as needed


• Heat butter, add banana and sugar, cook until become caramelized banana

Sabayone Sauce


  2 pcs    Egg yolk

  1 pc      Egg

  40 gr     Granulated Sugar

 50 ml     Fermented Glutinous Rice Water

  50 gr     Haan Whiptopp Beverage & Dessert (whipped)

                Vanilla essence, as needed


1. Whisk egg, egg yolk, and sugar in a bowl over hot water until fluffy

2. Add fermented glutinous rice water, mix well

3. After cool down, add Haan Whiptopp and vanilla essence, mix well.


1. Pour chocolate ganache into pie, arrange caramelized banana on top of chocolate ganache, and pour sabayon sauce on top

2. Garnish with whipped cream, sprinkle with grated Colatta Couverture Dark.

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