Cream Of Europe – Jimbaran Saint-Honoré

By Chef Gerald A. Meridet

Choux Paste:
320 gr Water
5 gr Sugar
5 gr Salt
150 gr Butter
30 gr Milk Powder
180 gr Purpose Cake Flour

1. Bring water, unsalted butter, milk powder, salt and sugar to a simmer
2. Add sieve flour into the liquid then stir until smooth texture. Remove from the stove and place into a mixing bowl with paddle. Start a first gear to cool the mixture.
3. Gradually add eggs into the mixture to obtain a smooth paste.
4. Transfer the choux paste into a piping bag using round nozzle and pipe a small 30 grs choux shape. Display on top the disc of crust lapis then ready for baking.
5. Pre-heat the deck oven at 190°C degrees then bake the choux puff for
20 minutes until nice brown color then drop the temperature to 175°C degrees for 15 minutes to get a good crust and dry shell.
6. Remove from the oven and rest aside.

Crust Lapis:
60 gr Brown Sugar
120 gr Sugar
180 gr Purpose Flour
150 gr Butter
25 gr Lapis Powder

1. In mixer bowl with paddle, combine both sugars with butter until smooth texture.
2. Add gradually sieve purpose flour and lapis powder.
3. Remove from the bowl then roll it between two flexi pan at 1 mm then store in freezer until hard.
4. Ready to cut it using round cutter of 3 cm diameter.
5. Plate the crust disc on top the choux puff.

Puff Pastry ‘Feuilletage’:
500 gr Purpose Flour
12 gr Salt
190 gr Water
3 gr White Vinegar
150 gr Unsalted Butter Roll
250 gr Extra Sec Butter Sheet

1. In mixer bowl with paddle, combine sieve flour, salt add cold water and vinegar into it. Using first gear to smooth the dough but obtain elasticity.
2. Add melt butter roll into the dough.
3. Remove from the bowl then rest in chiller for a while.
4. Start the process by folding the extra sec butter into the dough and giving 5 single folds. Each fold give 20 minutes rest then after completed the folds reserve the dough in chiller for at least 4 hours before usage. Best give 24 hours.

Jimbaran Cream ‘Saint-Honoré’:
250 gr Fresh Milk
250 gr Liquid Cream
2 pieces Vanilla Stick
75 gr Sugar
50 gr Eggs
75 gr Eggs Yolk
45 gr Custard Powder
250 gr Unsalted Butter Roll
350 gr Whip Cream
75 gr Lapis Powder

1. Combine in pot, milk, and cream, vanilla stick then simmer.
2. Whisk in large bowl eggs, eggs yolk, sugar and custard powder until creamy. Pour into the hot liquid then stir until firm texture.
3. Remove from the stove then smooth the mixture using mixer bowl with paddle. Reach a temperature of 37°C add half butter roll then whip until smooth.
4. Reserve in chiller until set. Remove from chiller using gas torch to warm it then add the other half butter roll with lapis
5. Add the semi whip cream into the mixture.
6. Ready for piping the choux and decorative piping.

Mango Bubble:
500 gr Mango puree
4 gr Gelatin Powder
500 gr Water
6 gr Alginate Powder
(Solution Bath)

1. Defrosted the mango puree then mixed with gelatin powder and sieve through. Reserve in chiller.
2. Warm the water adds the alginate powder until 45°C then blended and sieve through.
3. Chilled for a while. Ready to produce the mango bubble into the alginate bath solution

Color Glazed:
60 gr Cream
30 gr Sugar
20 gr Glucose
5 gr Salted Butter
240 gr White Fondant
2 gr Coloring

1. In pot, cook sugar, glucose until light brown color, add gradually the hot cream and coloring been chosen and reach 109°C
2. add salted butter and white fondant.
3. Remove from the heat then strained the glazed.
4. Ready for glacing the choux at 35°C. Reserve aside

1. First cut the caramelized cook puff pastry into rectangular shape of 16 cm by 5 cm, flexible sizes depend your choux, dispose two lines of 5 glazed choux then a chocolate milk bar.
2. Finish the top by dressing some Jimbaran cream and mango bubbles.
Last pieces of gold leaves and dry vanilla stick


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