Cultivate, Coffee Pairing With Plated Dessert

Best friends Jane Setiady and Leonard Susanto share a love and passion for pastries, especially desserts. Bearing this similarity in mind, the two decided to build Cultivate, a café business that concentrates on serving plated dessert.

They choose Tangerang as a location for their café, since North Jakarta is already packed with culinary and dessert businesses. “So that he people of Tangerang can enjoy a dessert with plating arts without having to travel far,” Jane says.



Brazil and Pasundan

Cultivate is also a place for coffee enthusiasts. As owner-barista, Leonard said that Cultivate’s coffee house blend is a combination of Brazilian and Pasundan coffee beans that resulted in a chocolaty sweet flavor when combined with milk.

“Piccolo, Espresso, Hot Cappuccino, and Affogato served with vanilla ice cream and 65% Valrhona Dark Chocolate are our on top of our coffee list,” he says.

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