Mango Tango Caramel by Chef Feri Sulfian

Premix Sponge                  

1000 gr   Premix sponge

700 gr   Egg

100 gr   Water

60 gr    Flour



  1. Whip premix sponge cake, eggs, and water about 10 minutes with high speed.
  2. Fold the flour into the mixture.
  3. Bake using 18cm round ring in a preheated oven – 180°Celcius, around 40 minutes.



Mango Mousse                  

500 gr   Mango Puree

35 gr    Gelatine

200 gr   Sugar

1000 gr   Cream



  1. Mix mango puree and lime juice together.
  2. Cook sugar and water to 121°Celsius and make Italian meringue
  3. Bloom gelatin in ice, heat in microwave, add to mango puree mixture.
  4. Whip the cream (soft) and fold in to warm mango puree mixture.
  5. Fold into meringue and fill into cake ring.


Coconut Caramel Cremeux                    

500 gr   Coconut milk

500 gr   Milk

50 gr    Caramel sauce

300 gr   Pastry cream powder


  1. Mix all ingredients.
  2. Pour into 14 cm round ring and set aside


Yellow glaze           

400 gr   Cream

400 gr   Mirror glaze

200 gr   Glucose

30 gr    Gelatin

500 gr   White chocolate

5 gr    Yellow color



  1. Bloom gelatin in ice and squeeze dry.
  2. Boil cream, glaze, and glucose then add gelatin
  3. Pour slowly over white chocolate to achieve an emulsion
  4. Pour into plastic container and store in freeze
  5. Add yellow food coloring.
  6. Then hand blend the mixture, be careful of an air bubble.

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