Melba Chocolate Candy, Recipe by Wangsen International Bakery & Western Food School

Raspberry Jam


Raspberry puree      125g

Sugar (1)            105g

Glucose syrup        12g

Sugar (2)            10g

Yellow pectin powder  2.5g

Diluted citric acid     2g

(citric acid : water = 1:1)


  1. Combine sugar(2) with yellow pectin powder, mix well. Add the mixture into raspberry puree, bring to a boil.
  2. Boil sugar(1) with glucose syrup. Remove from heat, add diluted citric acid. Mix well.
  3. Pour Step2 into Step1, mix well. Cover with plastic wrap and cool down.


Peach Ganache


Sugar              150g

Glucose syrup        25g

Water              50g

Peach puree         250g

Butter              40g

35% white chocolate  165g

Peach liqueur        12g


  1. Heat sugar, water with glucose syrup to 180℃, heat the mixture into caramel.
  2. Sightly heat peach puree, pour it into Step1, mix well.
  3. Pour Step2 into 35% white chocolate, rest for 2 minutes, mix with a hand mixer.
  4. Add butter, mix well. Then add peach liqueur, mix well. Cover with plastic wrap, cool down.


Chocolate Shell


Gold cocoa butter    q.s.

Orange cocoa butter  q.s.

Silver powder        q.s.

White chocolate      q.s.

White cocoa butter    q.s.


  1. Combine silver powder with gold cocoa butter, mix well.
  2. Stick a piece of tape inside the mould, spray Step1 on the surface.
  3. Remove the tape, spray a layer of orange cocoa butter.
  4. When the surface solidifies, spray a layer of white cocoa butter.
  5. Pour tempered chocolate into a piping bag, squeeze it into a mould until full. Shake to defoam. Turn over and pour out the extra chocolate, clean the surface. Place the mould upside down over a baking paper. Rest for a while.
  6. When the surface solidifies, clean the surface and edge. Refrigerate for 10 minutes.



  1. Pour raspberry jam into a piping bag, squeeze it into a mould until 30% full. Squeeze peach ganache into the mould until 90% full. Shake to defoam. Refrigerate for 12 minutes.
  2. Take out the mould, smear a layer of tempered white chocolate, shake to defoam. Cover with a film on the surface. Smooth the surface, refrigerate for 10 minutes.
  3. Take out the mould and demould.

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