Mont Blanc, Recipe by Wangsen INternational Bakery & Western Food School


100 gr    Fresh Egg Whites                          

200 gr    Fine Ragular Sugar                        

100 gr    Icing Sugar                                


  1. Whisk the egg whites with fine regular sugar and icing sugar until the frosting forms soft peaks.
  2. line the base of  grease proof paper with transfer paper and a flat square acrylic plate(empty in the middle)on top.
  3. Fill meringue into the gap, floating evenly, remove the plate and wrapped up, strain and tape.
  4. Put it on baking tray and heat at  60℃ in the oven for 3 hours.
  5. keep whisk the rest of meringue till the frosting forms stiff peaks.
  6. pipe the meringue on silicone pad as semi-sphere(each one is about 6-7cm in diameter), then heat at 100℃ in the oven for 3 hours



500 gr    Cream                                      

500 gr    Milk                                       

300 gr    Regular Sugar                              

120 gr    Flour                                      

360 gr    Egg Yolks                                  

120 gr    Butter                                     

    1 pc    Vanilla Bean                                 

    1 pc    Grand Lemon Peel                            

Method :

  1. Boiling cream, milk, vanilla bean and Grand Lemon Peel together.
  2. Blend the Regular Sugar,flour and egg yolks together, then mix together with the milk&cream(step1) gradually.
  3. keep blending till the sauce boiled,remove from the heat and add butter.
  4.  Pour the sauce into the food processor,blend at least 2 minutes, transfer into baking tray(with cling form covered), freeze.

Chestnut Cream Diplomat


250 gr    Sugar Chestnut Cream                      

100 gr    Custard                                    

350 gr    Semi-Whipped Cream                        

    4 gr     Gelatin Sheets                               

  20 gr    Water For The Gelatin Sheets               


  1. Blend sugar chestnut cream and custard to form mixture.
  2. Add gelatin sheet(previously re-hydrated in cold water) into the mixture and blend.
  3. combine the whipped cream with batter completely and pipe

Chestnut Spaghetti


250 gr    Chestnut Paste                             

300 gr    Chestnut Cream                             

250 gr    Unsweetened Chestnut Puree                

     2 gr    Cocoa Powder       

Method :                         

  • Put chestnut paste and unsweetened puree into food processor,add the chestnut cream and blend completely,sift and store to use


Type 1

Unmould meringue and polish smoothly,pipe chestnut cream dipolate into the hole,decorate with chocolate flakes on top.

Pipe chestnut Spaghetti and decorate with Icing sugar,gold flake and chocolate flakes

Type 2
1. Decorate with chocolate flakes on semi-sphere meringue, pipe chestnut cream dipolate(cone) on top.
2. Pipe chestnut Spaghetti and decorate with Icing sugar, gold flake and chocolate flakes

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