Sperta Restaurant, Raspberry True Love


Chosen for BARECA Magazine January 2017 cover, for a sexy Valentine dessert, Chef Aryo created a plated dessert called Raspberry True Love. It is composed of Mascarpone Cheesecake, Macaron made with the Italian meringue technique—filled with vanilla custard and fresh raspberry, as well as pistachio coulis, no sugar-tuile, and chocolate decoration sprayed with bronze.

As a modern plated dessert, the Raspberry True Love is visually pleasing with its beautiful contrasting colors. Each element brings a special taste, like the light Mascarpone cheesecake that offers balanced sweet and slight acidity.

Another plated dessert available any day at Sperta is the Belgium White Chocolate Mousse, served with fresh fruits and raspberry sauce.

Found more info about this product in BARECA Magazine January 2017 edition!

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